The Clarence and Jack Himmel Foundation was established in 1975 from a bequest by the late Clarence Himmel. The Foundation makes grants to organizations that provide worthwhile services for charitable, cultural, educational, and civic purposes. It seeks to support soundly managed and well operated organizations and causes that service diverse groups of people and contribute materially to the general welfare of the greater community.

The Foundation is managed and controlled by a Board of Directors who administer its affairs and determine grants. Most of the Foundation’s contributions are made in support of civic, cultural, educational, and health and welfare organizations in the metropolitan Detroit area. In order to make significant contributions and maintain continuity of support in its preferred areas of giving, the Foundation usually does not contribute in other geographic areas.

Grants to certain programs and organizations are not intended as a judgment on the merits of those to which no contribution is made by the Foundation.

The board of directors has four directors: Robert Karbel, David Wallace, Hazel Karbel, and Charles Rothstein.